So, you have been bitten by the fitness bug. Hit the gym, donned the running shoes or hopped onto a cycle or taken to some sport. Improved at first but now hit a plateau? Do not have the energy/motivation to keep up the activity?

The key to keep up the momentum and keep improving is what most of us amateurs miss. It is Nutrition. Nutrition is the key to slimming, building muscle and being fit. Okay, some of us even consulted the nutritionist and got a diet plan. But the diet plan is daunting not just for the schedule but for the sheer difficulty in getting all the food items in the plan. Millets, Brown Rice, almonds, walnuts, energy drink, protein bars and raisins can all be quite intimidating.

We at Food2Fit are a fitness enthusiast who went through all the above. Just as our enthusiasm was ebbing off, we found our solution! We managed to identify good sources for the nutritious stuff. Now we are passionate runners doing marathons regularly. You can catch us running early mornings in Bangalore running routes. And proper nutrition is our religion. Not for us any casual or uncontrolled eating. We fuel up on complex carbs - millets, oats; build muscle with protein shakes/bars; get vitamins through Dry fruits and ready to eat products.

And now to help fellow fitness enthusiast who are looking to match their diet with their fitness regimen, we have started Food2Fit. You can order all the nutritious stuff at a single place online and get the delivery at your doorstep. We source all the items from the farm and bring it you in the city. We have vetted the quality and bargained for prices so that we all can be assured of our nutrition at best prices.