Jeev Goodness Gingelly (Sesame) Oil - 500ml

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‘Jeev Goodness’ Gingelly (Sesame) Oil. Cold Pressed! 100% Pure!!

Gingelly oil is made from dried sesame seeds and has good poly-unsaturated fat content. It contains a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including Sesamol and Sesamin.
Jeev Goodness’ Cold Pressed Pure Gingelly (Sesame) Oil is
Pure & Healthy
Cold pressed
High on poly-unsaturated fats
Everyday cooking

‘Jeev Goodness’ Cold Pressed Pure Gingelly Oil is brought to your home fresh and pure, from our pollution-free manufacturing plant.

Cold Pressed Oil : We manufacture oils through Cold Pressing technique. This is the process of extracting oil from sun-dried nuts. The oil-seeds are sundried. Then it is crushed using oil expellers (Chekku in Tamil). This crushing of oilseeds is carried out at a very slow speed. This slow speed keeps the temperature of the oil within room temperature. Hence it is termed as cold pressed as there is no external application of heat. The yield is typically low, but the oil extracted will be rich in quality and taste.

Jeev Goodness Gingelly (Sesame) Oil can be used for:
Everyday cooking
Condiment or flavouring
Indian curries and gravies.